My name is Irene. One day, my life took a 180 degree turn, and my love story with the world of plants began, as well as the knowledge of myself, creating my own project with soul, a project that brings health and wellness to the lives of many people every day.

During those years, I have traveled the world, researching and rescuing the ancestral and popular wisdom about the uses and properties of plants, “Gold” that with great respect, love and pleasure were transformed into therapeutic oils, medicinal ointments and personalized cosmetic formulas.

I live in Ibiza, and it is on this wonderful island where, finally, I have been able to develop my project “Ayurveda of the Mediterranean” with the immense variety of medicinal plants that nature puts at our disposal, creating my own line of products and teaching in different training courses and workshops.


My plant journey began 20 years ago when I strated studying traditional herbal medicine. There was no such thing as the internet then, so I set off to south-eastern Spain and visited the wise old women who live in the little villages dotted around the Sierra Nevada region.  They have such a wealth of knowledge on how to live, work and be in relation to plants.

I learnt about the specific properties and applications of herbs, the best time to collect them, how to prepare them, and so on. After my tour through Spain, I went on a trip to visit a Mayan community in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. This was intended to be a trip where I learned from the ancient wisdom of local shamans, but I ended up giving the workshops.


I am an herbal therapist, I continue to deepen my knowledge by training in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture since one of my purposes is to feel and diagnose what specific plants your body needs to help you and accompany you in your wellbeing, healing and personal growth.

It is the plants that found me, I guess to rediscover them. Plants have memory, since they are all capable of learning from experience, therefore, they have memorization mechanisms, there is a millenary and ancestral wisdom about their behaviors, uses and properties, their connection with lunar cycles, astrology and their evolution over time.

My responsibility is to safeguard this extraordinary treasure with love so that I can continue to transmit this knowledge with respect.

Nature has given us an immense variety of medicinal plants. How to live, work and relate to them is our task, a journey to which I invite you and offer to accompany you.