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Personal Power, Consolidation, Courage, Love

Oil that connects with the Third Chakra helping to transform matter into energy.

It brings the light and energy of the Sun, reinforcing self-confidence and the right to “take Action”.

This oil strengthens the nervous system, relaxing the muscles.

It activates circulation and helps digestion, fluid retention and varicose veins. For inflamed skin and eczema, decongesting the skin.

Balances Vata and Khapa disorders.


Vegetable and Oleomacerate Oils: Calendula Oil (almond/sunflower), Fennel Oil (Coconut) and Frigola Oil.

Essential Oils of Medicinal Plants: Fennel, Verbena and Lemon.


Use this oil at room temperature or lukewarm.

Apply the oil after showering on slightly damp or dry skin.

Massage with a little Power Oil gently and making circles inward and outward on the areas that activate the terver chakra. Fire Element

In Ayurvedic medicine for Vata and Kapha disorders.

To soothe digestion: With a little power oil rub your hands and massage with circular movements and S-shaped area in the mouth of the stomach and in the part of the pancreas. Anchoring your connection with you.

For sensitive skin and fluid retention with wet skin gently massage all parts of your body, visualizing the color of the sun. Feel how you nourish with natural ingredients. Elevate your self-esteem.


It brings light and solar energy, transforming matter into energy.


Sun and fire are the main sources of energy in nature. All of its metabolic processes, such as the ripening or wilting of fruit and leaves, depend on the sun and its energy. It causes the evaporation of water and the formation of clouds that bring rain to the earth. Fire is the substance that produces heat and energy.

This element is capable of transforming a solid substance into a liquid or gas, increasing or decreasing the disposition of matter. It is related to the human kingdom.

It is the third element in the manifestation of consciousness. When air begins to move it generates friction and this in turn generates heat or fire. Its attribute is appearance, since the luster of living beings depends on it, and its main action is transformation. In nature it is similar to the sun for being the heating and transforming element.

Our main biological fire is in the third chakra (Solar Plexus) and regulates body temperature, as well as the entire digestive process.

This element, besides being responsible for good digestion, is responsible for vision, skin pigmentation, heat, assimilation of nutrients, general metabolism of the body, enzymatic behavior and thinking (transforms sensory information into knowledge).

This element is synonymous of intelligence, necessary for the understanding, comprehension or appreciation of things.

In excess it is responsible for visceral emotions such as anger, hatred, criticism, ambition and competitiveness.

As properties of fire stand out: Hot, dry, penetrating, active, mutant, light, clear and luminous.

Spicy and salty flavors.

In the plant it is associated with fruits or seeds, fruits such as pear, apple, strawberry. Plants that cool and refresh. Also for this element of fire we include client plants such as spices (increases the fire).

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