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Welcome to Laire by Irene Apolo


My name is Irene Apolo, I have created this blog to tell my story and step by step introduce you to the therapeutic products I make through Mediterranean medicinal plants and how they are connected with Ayurveda medicine.

My story

From the Sierra Nevada to the Yucatan and now in Ibiza, plants have been my guides for the last twenty years. I have come to know and love them until I “gave birth” to my own line of products, courses and training workshops. Although, in reality, I would confess that it is the plants that have found me. There is a millenary and ancestral wisdom about their uses and properties and my responsibility is to safeguard this extraordinary treasure with love as well as to continue transmitting and sharing it with respect.

It all began in 2005 when I was diagnosed with a problem of nodules in my throat, after some tests, the doctor prescribed me a pill to regulate my thyroid, he told me that I had to take this pill for life. His words caused me a very strong denial. I was told about a naturopath who could also help me, at that time I didn’t know what a naturopath was. When I visited him, he recommended me to take a series of plants and after 3 months the nodules had disappeared. It was at that moment that my love of plants began and this led me to my first process of research, travelling around the Alpujarras of Granada and Almeria looking for people who still had this knowledge.

I undertook this journey with a friend and we met many older people along the way who passed on their wisdom to us. Years went by and in 2009 I decided to leave my HR job and visit Mexico to learn more about medicinal plants and their uses. My journey began in a Mayan community (Ek Balam) in Yucatan, teaching the community to recycle soap and to share different preparations with local plants.
After three months travelling around Mexico I decided to live there and started teaching cosmetics and phytotherapy in Yucatan, Quintana Roo and different Zapatista communities in San Cristobal. From Mexico I went to Cuba and later to Guatemala for the same purpose, share my knowledge!

When I returned to Spain I felt lost and I contacted a man called Juan Planta from the Asociacion Aloe Vera, I started to study Ethnobotany with him in La Vera, Extremadura, and it was him who encouraged me to continue developing this magical path with plants.

From there I worked in a training course developed by the local development agency of Plasencia, teaching cosmetics to a women’s association in Jarandilla.
In 2011 I arrived in Ibiza, and it was here that my current project began to materialise. I began my professional studies in Ethnobotany, Ayurvedic Medicine, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy, Psychoaromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Ayurvedic Nutrition, until I specialised as an herbal therapist from Ayurvedic medicine. That is why I have decided to call my respectful contribution Mediterranean Ayurveda.
I develop therapeutic oils, ointments, creams, perfumes and soaps. I continue to deepen my knowledge of feminine alchemy and astrology.

Nature has given us an immense variety of medicinal plants. How to live, work and relate to them is our task, a journey to which I invite you and offer myself to accompany you.

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