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Expression, Responsibility, Truth.

Oil connected with the Throat Chakra, purifies and frees our body, expressing in a creative way our truth.

It has a great moisturizing power, ideal for sensitive skin due to different allergies. This oil is anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve rheumatism, arthritis and skin rashes. It soothes the throat and activates the thymus.

Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha disorders.


Vegetable and Oleomacerate Oils: Sage Oil (Sesame), Arnica Oil (organic Sunflower), Helichrysum Oil (Sesame).

Essential Oils of Medicinal Plants: Eucalyptus, Laurel, Sage and Camphor.


Use this oil at room temperature or lukewarm. Apply the oil after showering on slightly damp or dry skin.

Massage gently with a little Communication Oil and make inward and outward circles on the areas activated by the Fifth chakra and small finger strokes on the thymus area. Air and Ether Element

In Ayurvedic medicine for Vata, Pita and Kapha disorders.

To activate the thymus and thyroid: With a little oil Communication rub your hands and massage with circular movements your neck, shoulders and thymus area up to the chest. Manifestation of self. Visualize the color blue

For rheumatic problems and skin rashes, with wet skin gently massage all parts of your body, especially the areas to be treated. Connect with our own truth.

I AM GROWTH. I ALLOW MYSELF TO CHANGE MY PERSPECTIVE. Establish a link between emotions and intellect, heart and reason. I transmit and express with clarity, I communicate by giving order to my words.


It is the omnipresent and pervasive element in everything, formless substance that permeates everything and encompasses everything. It houses the other four elements and all the objects of the Universe. Its attribute is sound (sense organ capable of learning the ether) and its action is to discriminate. We can know and differentiate things, because between them there is space. It is the subtlest element of all.

In the body it is present in any organ that is hollow or has orifices. It appears whenever there are spaces (nose, trachea, veins, arteries, extra-cellular, intracellular space…) and it is in charge of separating structures.

Thanks to space we can understand the perception of silence and waiting. It teaches us to dissolve the ego, to do nothing. Meditation is a useful practice that allows us to achieve mastery in this procedure.

On the psychological aspect it brings freedom, peace, expansion of consciousness, love and compassion, as higher forms of feelings beyond worldly emotions. It is also involved in more negative feelings such as separation, emptiness, longing, isolation, lack of grounding, insecurity or fear.

Its qualities are: unity, unlimited expansion, separation, integration and segregation, convergence and divergence, lightness, softness, whiteness, inactivity, clarity, absence of movement, temperature neither cold nor hot, subtle and smooth.

All these are qualities of space and of the objects and beings where it predominates.

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